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Our Biobank and Archives

The Perinatal Biobank was established at the Research Centre for Natural Sciences in 2018 to provide place for a unique pregnancy biospecimen collection that can contain up to 200,000 samples from thousands of patients. It was approved by the national authorities and was included into the Hungarian biobank registry.

Our facility was designed according to international and industrial biobank standards. There is continuously monitored air conditioning also linked to an alarm system.

The ultradeep freezers are supplemented with uninterruptible power supply, CO2 backup, and a temperature alarm system.

Biospecimens are catalogued by a 2D barcoded datamatrix storage system.




Deep-frozen serum, plasma, urine and placental tissue samples are kept at -80°C, while paraffin embedded placental tissue samples are kept at room temperature.
Our archives are intended to support academic and industrial collaborations both locally and internationally for the discoveries on the molecular background of mis carriages and obstetrical syndromes and for the development of novel diagnostic and therapeutic tools.


Our Services

The Perinatal Biobank offers:

  • maternal and placental biospecimens collected at various time-points in pregnancy with linked anonymous clinical data for collaborative R&D projects.


The Research Group offers:

  • -80C ultralow freezer storage services for biobanking projects.

  • expert advice services for biomarker discovery and development as well as systems biology studies.

  • bioinformatics services for R&D studies.

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